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Is your Subconscious Mind Keeping you Fat?
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04 July 2014

Is your Subconscious Mind Keeping you Fat?

From the moment you were born your subconscious mind began gathering and storing information that has created your thoughts, habits and beliefs. 

These deep subconscious programs are constantly running in the background of your mind and will influence the way you act, the way you think and the choices you make.

Sometimes your subconscious programs become so old and outdated that they no longer align with our conscious desires. After all, many of these programs were formed when you were just a child and your needs have changed as you have grown.  Unfortunately these outdated subconscious thoughts can also sabotage your weight loss goals. It may be your conscious choice to eat healthier food and exercise more, but your subconscious mind may be saying “But I like chocolate, chocolate makes me feel soooooo good!”

Your subconscious mind drives every choice you make, whether you like it or not. In fact, our subconscious programs are so powerful that I once saw it take a man’s leg. While working with a diabetic nutrition program, I met a man who was told time and time again that if he didn’t start eating a healthier diet he would lose his leg. Despite knowing he had to change the way he ate OR lose his leg—the man wound up losing his leg. Now, do you think he really chose to lose his leg? No! Who in their right mind would? The point here being that despite his conscious desire to keep his leg, his subconscious programs were so powerful that he lost his leg anyway. There was nothing he could do about it—or was there?

So how are these self-sabotaging beliefs created?

From the moment you were born your subconscious mind began gathering and storing information that has created your thoughts, habits and beliefs. These deep subconscious programs are constantly running in the background of your mind and will influence the way you act, the way you think and the choices you make.

1. Family and Childhood.

As children, we are taught to follow exactly what our parents do or say. Perhaps as a child you were told to always finish everything on your plate. Or maybe by example your mother taught you that constant dieting is normal and that food is scarce.

Perhaps you knew that tonight’s dinner might not be as well-proportioned as tomorrow’s and you learnt to eat while the eating’s good. Maybe you came from a big family where you had to always “fight” for more food.

Did your family make unhealthy food choices that subconsciously carried over into your own eating habits? Or relatives and siblings may have mocked you for being too fat or too skinny and even in jest these things scar your formative self-image, leaving behind subconscious programming that will torment you for the rest of your life.

2. Peers

On the same token, our friends, schoolmates and peers will all influence our subconscious beliefs. What they think of our body and our weight can seriously impact the way we think, act, feel and eat. Whether we like it or not, we are a product of our environment.

3. Stress, Trauma and Grief

When we experience physical, mental or emotional stress our subconscious survival instincts kick in. This is called our fight or flight response and enables us to confront danger or escape it.  Evolution has designed our bodies for fight or flight. In primal times when food was scarce these instincts helped us survive. In fact the main concerns for survival in primitive times were ‘are we warm enough and do we need food?’

When faced with a famine our bodies would naturally go into fight or flight mode. This would trigger the release of cortisol into our blood, which tells our body to store fat to help us survive this period of starvation. In the modern times this mechanism can do more harm than good, especially where our weight is concerned. Our bodies simply cannot differentiate between modern day stress and primitive stress. So when your boss is yelling at you, your body responds by telling you to eat up and store fat for the upcoming bad times.

Acute or chronic stress can activate your subconscious survival programs making your body more prone to storing fat. This is why many people gain weight when they experience loss, trauma or a major life change.

4. Bad Habits

Habits are created when we do something over and over again. Having the occasional treat or missing your morning walk every once in a while is perfectly normal. The problem comes from constantly repeating a poor choice until it becomes a habit.

For example, an occasional meal in front of the television is perfectly fine. However when you start eating in front of the television night after night it will quickly become a habit. Your subconscious mind will believe this is your new program and the next time you plonk yourself in front of the tv it will say “Ok, so where’s the food?” Pretty soon you won’t be able to watch tv without thinking of food.

5. Advertising

From soft drinks to clothing styles – we’re practically marinated in advertising from the moment we wake up, until the moment we go to sleep. Billboards, texts, radio, television and the internet implore us to buy, switch and bundle, all while promising convenience, beauty and envy from those around us.

Advertisers know how to latch onto these “brain pleasure signals” – they even go so far as to flood their food and drink with artificial flavours, sugars, fats and junk carbs to overload our brain’s pleasure centre so that we eat when we’re bored, eat when we’re sad, eat when we’re stressed, and so on...  Yes advertising plays a major part in forming our subconscious beliefs about food.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reprogram your old and outdated subconscious fat programs and help you shed your unwanted and excess weight.

Author Kylie Daniel

About the author: Kylie Daniel

Kylie has 20+ years experience as a Naturopath, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Weight Loss expert. She is the author of the HypnoSlim program and has helped thousands of clients both personally & through her recorded programs.

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