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25 May 2014

Information About My Recipes

Having simple yet nutritious recipes is often the key to creating long term results. Healthy eating should be as clean and simple as the food itself. There is nothing more quick and easy than grabbing a piece of fruit for a snack, or throwing together a delicious fruit smoothie.

I have tried to keep my recipes as simple and clean as possible. There are recipes for making almond milk and salad dressings for the more adventurous slimmer. However if you make the bulk of your meal fresh fruit or vibrant vegetables then adding a little organic store brought salad dressing or Almond milk from a carton is not going to hurt. Consider it part of the 20% CRAP food you are giving yourself permission to enjoy – without the guilt.

You will notice that in a couple of recipes I also go for a tin of chickpeas or a tin of organic crushed tomatoes just to keep the recipes as quick and easy as possible.

You need to be gentle on yourself and make the change to eating healthy foods a simple and pleasurable experience.

I have provided some delicious recipes to take the place of some of the more unhealthy foods we love to eat. Sweet potato fries are a great alternative to chips; zucchini pasta has much more flavor and nutrition than white pasta and cauliflower rice is a simple way to replace white rice. There are also recipes for hamburger wraps, chocolate bliss balls, almond meal muffins, coconut pancakes, healthy ice-creams and much, much, more.

You may notice the recipes are not in any particular order. I haven't grouped them according to breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks as I figure, 'who am I to tell you what you should be eating when?' Maybe one day you will feel like frittatas for breakfast, the next for lunch and the one after that for a snack. This program is about working out what is right for you and your body. If you want to eat a Hamburger Wrap for breakfast, or a Green Power Smoothie for dinner - then go for it!

Author Kylie Daniel

About the author: Kylie Daniel

Kylie has 20+ years experience as a Naturopath, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Weight Loss expert. She is the author of the HypnoSlim program and has helped thousands of clients both personally & through her recorded programs.

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