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Blue plates
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10 December 2014

Curb Your Appetite by Using Blue Plates

Have you ever noticed that most restaurants have red tablecloths? Red and yellow are both colours that increase your appetite, meaning you are more likely to order and eat more food.

Why do certain colours stimulate the gastronomic senses while others reduce your desire to eat? It’s a simple matter of adaptations. Humans have adapted well to their surroundings and in the environment we live in there is an abundant array of red and yellow foods; bananas, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, tomato, squash,  capsicum, lemons, corn and pineapple to name a few.

On the other hand, with the exceptions of blueberries, blue corn and blue potatoes, blue foods are rarely seen in nature. As a result, your brain doesn’t recognize blue food as something healthy or safe to eat. Color sets off a primal instinct that protects us against eating poisonous or dangerous food. Those instincts extend to blue surroundings, creating an aversion to eating wherever blue is the dominant color.

An easy way to use the appetite suppressing powers of the color blue is to eat your food from a blue plate. Or you could use a blue tablecloth or blue placemats. Try it with your next meal and see what happens.

Author Kylie Daniel

About the author: Kylie Daniel

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